Redemption Terminal (BRT)

A custom solution for large volume sites

Enhance your facility’s throughput with the BRT’s high-speed sorting and counting capabilities. Automated processes and assisted sorting mean higher volumes of containers can be processed in less time, boosting overall productivity.

Systematic process for efficient flow
No barcode reading
High level of customization options
Liquid capturing and drainage from incoming bins
Bin tipper - various size optional

Increased throughput

The BRT offers unparalleled customization to meet the specific needs of your facility.

The terminal is made up of separate modules, allowing you to choose the components that best suit your operation.

High Recognition Speed

containers per hour*

Reliable Technology

counting accuracy*
0 %

Accurate Technology

classification accuracy*
0 %

*Average based on a trial batch of varying quantities.

All other ejection

Separates glass and non-ejected materials.

Air ejection

  • Variables ejection locations in both amount and position.
  • One ejection per container commodity.
  • Built to the depot’s requirements.

AI-based vision system

Cameras capable of reading containers in all sorts of conditions, not reliant on barcodes.

Control panel

Central location for all operation of device. Controls for starting, stopping and pausing batches. Control for all additional options (e.g. Hopper Conveyor, Bin lifter)

Automated lane

This lane goes at 1.5x speed allowing for a faster count and classification of objects automatically fed and separated from the separation hopper.

Bin lifter

  • Removes the manual handling of containers to the machine. Stops operators having to lift heavy glass bins, improving efficiency and WHS.
  • Has a control point for faster and more efficient inputting of QR code bins using a scanner.

Separation hopper

Isolates and separates containers in an orderly fashion to be identified and classified through the automated lane.

Inspection table

Containers are presented through the inspection table, allowing the operator to filter and remove debris and ineligible containers. Improving both efficiency and lowering downtime.

Manual lane

  • This lane accepts all containers that can have difficulties going through the separation hopper within fast time frames. E.g. 2L squashed PET.
  • Allows operator to increase the efficiency of the machine, by manually placing containers on the lane.

Detects and sorts containers in all conditions

Containers in poor condition

Odd container

Odd containers

Containers without labels

Crushed containers

A commercial model that suits all

Choose to lease with comprehensive support or purchase with customizable service packages. Enhance efficiency and streamline your recycling operations today.

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