From Manual

to Automation

Depot Evolution

Discover the transformative power of automation with Container Deposit Systems technology and revolutionise manual sites with streamlined processes and higher security.

Enhanced Security

Transactions are processed through market-leading Cloud service. Architected to be the most secure cloud infrastructure, driving speed and agility with End-to-End security and guidance.


Supporting transformation into rapid, high-capacity depots, enabling swift returns of numerous containers, even those in poor condition.

Optimised Operations

High Recognition Speed

containers per hour*

Reliable Technology

counting accuracy**
0 %

Accurate Technology

classification accuracy**
0 %

*Based on a site audit performed on an ART during business operating hours.     **On average.

Case Study

Witness the Vickers’ transformation with Container Deposit Systems technology. Elevate work conditions, reduce wait times, and enjoy exceptional support for seamless operations.

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