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More than just a business, it’s a family enterprise.

Mary Jane and Kevin Vickers own and operate 6 recycling depots throughout Far North Queensland.

They’re very proud of it. They’ve invested heavily, personally and financially, and have utilised manual recycling technology to handle all the eligible containers returned to their depots.

But, that has now changed.

Container Deposit Systems has recently installed their automated technology into the Vicker’s Bundaberg depot.

Why have Kevin and Mary Jane opted for the Container Deposit Systems technology?


• Providing a quality work environment for their employees
• Service levels to their customers
• The outstanding service support provided by Container Deposit Systems

Providing a high-quality work place for their employees

They’re building a long-term family business. Their adult children manage some of the depots. They believe an integral part of a successful business is employing and keeping competent staff.

The Container Deposit Systems technology will assist them to provide a safe and enjoyable workplace.

Moving employees from a sorting station, repeatedly handling containers, sometimes dirty, sometimes damaged, to a role of, ”concierge,” assisting customers to place their containers into clean collection bins is a positive step.

In the new role there is less stress on the body and a cleaner, safer working station. Additionally, there’s the opportunity to learn a more sophisticated set of skills, especially in terms of customer relations.

There will be less opportunity for situations involving friction between customers and staff about the count. The Container Deposit Systems technology provides a real-time digital count and receipt of the count. The technology is 99.8% accurate. No room for disagreement with this level of accuracy.

There will be less readily accessible cash on the premises, reducing the opportunity for hold-ups or break-ins. Cash contained in the Container Deposit Systems Cash Redemption Terminal is more difficult to steal than cash in a cash register.

There will be less reliance on depot managers to “balance the tills” at the end of each day. Depot owners will place cash in the Cash Redemption Terminals and the software does the rest. This will be a great time saver and stress saver. Remember those days when the till didn’t balance?

Service levels to their customers

Kevin and Mary Anne believe their customers’ experiences are all important.

On occasion, they have long queues of customers waiting for a staff member to manually count and separate their containers. The installation of the Container Deposit Systems technology will reduce the wait time.

Far North Queensland attracts a lot of holiday makers which makes for lots of “walk up” customers with few containers. The Container Deposit Systems technology will mean a quick turnaround for these customers.

The outstanding support provided by Container Deposit Systems

Container Deposit Systems machines need a three-phase 240v power supply. The Vickers’ Bundaberg depot had single-phase power. Container Deposit Systems arranged for three-phase power to be installed at the depot.

Danny Cox, The Container Deposit Systems State Manager based in Queensland has been the person the Vickers have liaised with whilst making their decision to install Container Deposit Systems technology. He’s done everything possible to ensure a smooth process.

Danny’s next step will be to assist the Vickers with the online learning modules provided by Container Deposit Systems. All aspects of the Container Deposit systems are covered in the on-line learning package.

Small footprint

Additional to these 3 major reasons, the small footprint consumed by the Container Deposit Systems machines is a bonus for Kevin and Mary Anne. Their Bundaberg depot is in the heart of the CBD, so space is at a premium.The small footprint of the machines was an important factor in the Vickers’ decision to install Container Deposit Systems technology.

In comparison with other systems they’ll be providing more service point for their customers.

A lot of hours and a lot of critical analysis underpins the Vickers’ decision to install Container Deposit Systems technology.

There’s no doubt that in a very short time;

• their staff
• their customers,
• their family and
• themselves, will be reaping the rewards.