Earth Day 2024

The good news is, if you participate in your local container deposit scheme you are already combating deliberate plastic production! If you are not, then why not start today while celebrating Earth Day?

The journey of a container

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey to discover the magic of recycling and how you can make a difference? Get ready to learn all about the fantastic Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) and why it’s super cool for kids like you!

CDS how does it work

In this blog post, we’ll delve into what a CDS is, its purpose, and how it will be implemented in Victoria, and take a quick look at other Australian states that have already embraced this eco-friendly initiative.

A guide to beat plastic pollution

The times when we all pledged for a non-polluted country but would only sit and watch business as usual are now over.
This guide will lead you through practical solutions we can all implement to beat plastic pollution.

How to fundraise

Since the launch of the Container Deposit Scheme in WA, ACT and QLD, more than 7 billion containers have been returned. This means over 700 million dollars went back into our communities!

Community Recycling WA

A not-for-profit organization that aims to achieve positive results for the environment, create job opportunities locally, and provide funding to support the development of community-based programs.

Cash for Cans – Incredable

Incredable Tip Shop runs commercially viable businesses with a social purpose. Among other businesses, Incredable runs Cash for Cans at the Mackay Waste Transfer Station in Paget, QLD.

VIC scheme intro

The Victorian Government recently announced that they will be introducing a Container Deposit Scheme to be implemented in November 2023.