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A not-for-profit organization that aims to achieve positive results for the environment, create job opportunities locally, and provide funding to support the development of community-based programs.

In 1996 a football club was born under the name of Peel Thunder, playing in the WAFL. The club not only treasures four wins in the seniors league, but they are also highly committed to the community.

About food donations and fundraising

The Peel Thunder Football Club supports the food relief and distribution efforts of Foodbank WA throughout the entire Peel region. Activities like raising money and food donations are performed during the games to support the local community.

In addition to this initiative, in 2020 the Peel Thunder Football Club set up Community Recycling WA, a not-for-profit Containers For Change Refund Point operator in the Peel region.

The main goal of this initiative was to provide fundraising and revenue-raising opportunities for schools, sporting & community groups and commercial venues.

So far, Community Recycling WA counts three depots in Mandurah, Erskine and Rockingham and several ongoing mobile points the community loves!

Operations started with only manual counting stations, 26 staff and 100,000 containers returned daily. From December 2022 all three depots acquired Automated Redemption Terminals (ART).

The decision to incorporate automated counting and sorting to the depots was mainly based on reducing manual handling of intensive tasks on staff and providing a better experience to their customers when returning containers. According to Ben Hardman, Operation Manager at Community Recycling WA, Automated technology is cleaner, more interactive for kids and a more transparent counting process. The transition was planned to be gradual, where manual counting is still available on-site, allowing those late adopters to slowly get more involved in this new technology while still having the chance to opt for the traditional method.

What the future will bring

Community Recycling WA aims to continue to grow the volume at all of the sites. Continue to engage with the community by providing bin service, school excursions at the sites and informational presentations, as well as providing grants to grassroots sporting clubs.

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