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Future Recycling: Pioneering Sustainability Through Community Engagement

In a groundbreaking move that promises a brighter, more sustainable future for Victoria, Future Recycling, the esteemed waste management company, has announced its integration into Vicatoria's Container Deposit Scheme. This strategic decision signifies not only a significant milestone for Future Recycling but also a turning point in the way Victorians approach recycling and environmental stewardship.

Current Operations and Mission: Championing Sustainability
Future Recycling, headquartered in Victoria, boasts an extensive network of facilities, including scrap metal yards in Dandenong, Hallam, and Shepparton, alongside transfer stations in Hallam, Pakenham, and Cheltenham.
At the core of their operations lies a steadfast commitment to promoting sustainability and responsible waste management.

Their primary mission revolves around reducing waste, conserving resources, and nurturing a culture of recycling within the community.

Embracing the CDS: Fostering Recycling Culture
The decision to expand its operations to include bottles and cans under the VIC CDS banner is a testament to Future Recycling’s dedication to fostering a recycling culture. By actively participating in the CDS, they are not only complying with industry standards but also leading the charge in encouraging individuals and communities to actively engage in recycling practices. This move aligns seamlessly with the CDS’s objective of reducing litter and promoting a circular economy.

Community Engagement: Making a Local Impact
While Future Recycling holds certain causes and charities dear to their hearts and consistently provides support, they are committed to engaging in a dialogue with the community. They aim to understand which particular projects and causes hold the greatest significance for local residents.
Subsequently, they will adopt a rotational approach, dedicating specific time frames during which CDS deposits can be directed towards these chosen initiatives. “Given that these containers originate and have been brought in by local residents, we believe it is most fitting for the donations to directly benefit local initiatives and causes”, says Karly Giannakos Sales and Marketing Manager at Future Recycling.

How to Connect: Engaging with Future Recycling
For those eager to be a part of this transformative journey, connecting with Future Recycling is just a click or a call away. Visit their official website at for detailed information on their operations, including locations and business hours.

Stay updated on their initiatives and community projects by following them on Facebook. For inquiries or to get involved, reach out to their team at 137 329, following the prompts for your