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Board of Directors

Explore the guiding force behind our success. Our Board of Directors brings unparalleled expertise and vision, steering us towards excellence in every endeavor. Get to know the visionary leaders shaping our future.

Brett Duncanson | Executive Chairman

Brett grew a highly respected South Australian engineering company over 27 years servicing a diverse range of industries across Australia. With a focus on process automation in a broad variety of industries, Brett’s extensive experience in achieving practical and economic automation outcomes is second to none.

Brett also has extensive experience in corporate governance and currently holds a number of board positions across numerous companies and organisations having a proven record of positive long-term outcomes. Brett is a well-respected member of the SA business community and is frequently called upon in an advisory capacity.

Brett currently serves as Executive Chairman of Container Deposit Systems and is leading the commercialisation of its sorting technology and the provision of advisory services to clients.

Andrew Downs | SAGE Managing Director

Andrew Downs began his working life as an apprentice electrician with Bridgestone Australia in 1980. Over 14 years he gained knowledge and experience, achieved an Associate Diploma in Electrical Engineering and a management role.

In 1994 he left Bridgestone to start his own company, SAGE Automation from the family backyard shed in South Australia. He is now Managing Director of the SAGE Group of Companies, which has offices across Australia, employs around 250 people and generates an annual turnover in excess of $65 Million.

SAGE designs and constructs automation and industrial control systems for the defence, infrastructure, manufacturing, resources, and utilities industries and is heavily involved in industrial technology training and business optimisation solutions which improve the value and productivity of businesses.

Kevin Foley | Board Member

Kevin retired from South Australian politics in 2011 following a decade of loyal service as a government minister and 18 years as a Member of Parliament.

A prominent figure in State politics, Kevin acted as the Treasurer and Deputy Premier of South Australia from 2002 to 2011. During his tenure Kevin played a crucial role in restoring the Government’s finances, most notably through regaining and retaining a AAA credit rating.

Kevin’s leadership and business skills were pivotal in winning significant defence contracts and during Olympic Dam negotiations with BHP Billiton. His decade-long contribution to state politics cemented him as the longest serving Deputy Premier of South Australia.

John Phillips OAM | Board Member

John was appointed Executive Director of iconic South Australian NGO Keep South Australia Beautiful (KESAB) environmental solutions in 1988. KESAB delivers environmental sustainability education and resources working with all levels of government, industry, and community building capacity via a broad scope of projects.

John has over 25 years of experience engaging the community and facilitating behavioural change with a specific focus on environmental sustainability, litter reduction, recycling and resource recovery, graffiti crime prevention, catchment water management, remote community engagement and project management.

Trevor Hockley | Board Member

Trevor has run his own waste management consulting company for the past 16 years specialising in the Local Government sector and offering a broad range of services. Trevor has also worked extensively with the private waste and recycling industries.

Trevor has specialised knowledge of Container Deposit Schemes and is the key consultant to the industry body representing bottle depots in South Australia. He is also a director of several companies operating under the container deposit legislation in both South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Previously, Trevor has held Executive Officer roles for local government waste organisations including Waste Care SA and East Waste and has also been employed in senior management within the resources sector.

We wholeheartedly commit to advancing innovation and technology in our pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future.

Brett Duncanson | Executive Chairman